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Intro To Theatre

Intro To Theatre

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An intro to theatre is a course that will cover various areas within our Department and learning the key skills to work with a cast and team.

Get all the hints and tips from our inhouse HMU who has worked on various Amateur and Touring Pro productions such as Home, Im Darling, Miss Saigon, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wicked to name a few.

In this course you will be taught how to read and understand a show plot, how to follow track runs for your cast members and how to safely do a quick change. The course will also include hair prep demos, wig prep demos, mic prep demos, quick changes and how to work around with costume / cast, terminology and ettique, Theatre Makeup and much more.

If theatre is a career you wish to try or have further experience in then definitely get booked on to our course!

Free booklet to take away with you on everything that will be covered on the day.

Please bring a notebook and pen for all the notes, and a set of hairbrushesV

Videos and photos can be taken throughout for you to refer back to.

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