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Mouldlife Platsil Deadner LV 1kg

Mouldlife Platsil Deadner LV 1kg

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PlatSil Deadener LV is an additional PlatSil part used widely by special effects technicians for prosthetic appliance applications. It is used particularly to aid in replicating the look and feel of skin and human tissue, eliminating the synthetic feel of the silicone without.

PlatSil Deadener LV is lower in viscosity compared to Smiths Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener. Add up to 300% PlatSil Deadener LV of the total mixed weight of the PlatSil Gel mixture (Part A and Part B).

Platsil Deadener LV at 300% will create a super-gel which upon cure is extremely soft and can be sticky.

A test cure should be performed prior to determine the proper amount to add for your appliances.

Some choose to create a thin layer, or "skin", of non-deadened PlatSil® Gel backed with deadened PlatSil® Gel to mimic the surface tension of skin.

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