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Mouldlife Platsil Gel 25 1kg

Mouldlife Platsil Gel 25 1kg

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Mouldlife presents the revolutionary PlatSil Gel 25, introduced at IMATS London 2014. Combine with either Deadener LV or Part H Hardener for the most versatile product on the market! Less Inventory, More Control.

- Exceptionally low A & B mix viscosity
- Add Deadener LV to create 'super gel' for prosthetics
- Add Part H Hardener to increase to 40 Shore A
- Low Shore silicone for animatronics
- High clarity for flat moulds
- Same great tear strength as Gel 10
- Rapid prototyping moulding material
- General purpose moulding material

Platsil gel 25 is a good option for making poured block moulds (e.g., flat moulds) or brush-on moulds for casting prosthetics and parts or props. PlatSil Gel 25 cures to a Shore A25, but with the addition of PlatSil® Part H Hardener, Gel-25 can be made as hard as Shore A40.

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