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Tonsor & Cie Beard Shampoo

Tonsor & Cie Beard Shampoo

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This shampoo cleanses, hydrates, and stimulates beard growth.
With masculine notes, deeply cleanses the beard on a daily basis.

Its active complex with wheat proteins and provitamin B5 provides intense hydration of the hair.

Made in France.

Recyclable amber PET pump bottle

Tonsor & Cie Beard Shampoo: more than a wash, a real treatment!
At Tonsor & Co, we think that a good shampoo is a shampoo that rids the fiber of all its impurities, but without harming it. Better than that, more than cleaning the beard, a good shampoo must be active and bring real benefits.

On the strength of this belief, we have developed a shampoo that is both cleansing, moisturizing, stimulating for growth, and highly sensory with masculine scents.

Active ingredients of Tonsor & Cie Beard Shampoo
Tonsor & amp; Beard Shampoo Cie is enriched with moisturizing and stimulating active ingredients to make it a real skincare product:

Wheat Protein: this natural protein strengthens the keratin that makes up your beard stronger, healthier, hydrated, and shiny!
Provitamin B5: restorative and sheathing, Provitamin B5 also stimulates hair growth

For optimal hydration: Leave the product on for about 2 minutes before rinsing it off.

Thanks to its pump dispenser bottle it will be very easy to apply and also very economical.

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