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Wrath Crepe Hair 0.5m

Wrath Crepe Hair 0.5m

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the edges of a fake beards and for creating a stubble.

WRATH Crepe Hair is available in a variety of natural shades and some primary colours; different shades can be spliced together to create a specific shade to match your requirements. Can also be painted with a high quality coloured hairspray, coloured powder or alcohol activated make-up.

To create beards or moustache, simply unbraid the crepe hair and straighten either by hand, using a table hackle comb or by using an iron (placing hair between to pieces of damp fabric). Apply a thin layer of spirit gum adhesive to the skin in the required area (applying a small area at a time) and allow time to become tacky. Pinch a small amount of crepe hair and cut the end to be applied to the skin with a sharp pair of scissors and press onto skin and hold.

To create stubble, simply unbraid and straighten the crepe hair using the instructions above and chop into fine, short pieces. Apply a thin layer of spirit gum or a stipple wax to the skin and allow to go tacky. Then pat the small strands of crepe hair onto the required area.

Each unit containing 0.5m of Crepe Hair (unbraided length).

Not suitable for vegans (made from Sheep's wool).

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